How To Reach Ooty from Delhi-Mumbai-Kolkata-Bangalore

Ooty, also referred to as Udhagamandalam, is an attractive hill station placed in the Nilgiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu. Ooty pulls tourists from all around for its abundant greenery, tranquil lakes and pleasing weather. In this thorough guide, we are going to explore the various transportation options available for you to reach Ooty from four major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

1.From Delhi to Ooty: -

By Air: It takes less time with this option if you want to reach Ooty immediately after your flight from Delhi. The closest airport is Coimbatore International Airport (CJB) which is about 88km away. You can hire a taxi or take a bus from Coimbatore that will take roughly 3 hours before arriving at your destination.

By Train: There are several train options connecting Delhi and Coimbatore like Kerala Express and MangaloreExpress. The travel time by train usually ranges between 36-40 hours depending on what class you're travelling in. From Coimbatore travelers can take a toy train or just hire a taxi to reach Ooty.

By Road: For those who love road trips then this one's for you! Traveling by car or bus can be very fun especially when exploring new places along the way. The road trip distance between Delhi and Ooty is about 2,300km via NH44 and N181 taking approximately 40-45 hours based on traffic conditions.

2.From Mumbai to Ooty

By Air: Heading over to CJB Airport where it has direct flights coming from Mumbai is another quick way option that travellers can take. Once in Coimbatore, a taxi or bus ride will do the job of taking you to Ooty.

By Train: This option gives you a chance to enjoy the view when travelling from Mumbai to Coimbatore because the train travel time is estimated between 24-30 hours. You can choose from different train options such as Mumbai LTT - Coimbatore Express and Lokmanya Tilak Express. From Coimbatore take either a taxi or bus to Ooty.

By Road: Covering about 1,100 km via NH48 and N181 this route allows travellers who opt for car or bus ride to be able to witness beautiful sceneries on their way that they would otherwise miss if they were flying in. Travel time usually takes around 20-24 hours based on traffic conditions.

3.From Kolkata to Ooty

By Air: Travellers coming from Kolkata have several different layover flight options when heading towards CJB Airport at Coimbatore. Layovers are mainly in Delhi or Mumbai depending on your airline. Just like how it's done with other airports, you can catch a taxi or bus from Coimbatore once arrived there.

By Train: Another long hour train ride awaits you when choosing this transport option but no worries because comfortability is always given by these trains: Howrah - Ernakulam Antyodaya Express and Shalimar - Trivandram Express. The estimated travel time ranges between 36-42 hours depending on which class ticket bought for yourself. After arriving at Coimbatore station, head outside where taxis or busses are waiting to help with the next destination Ooty.

By Road: If you prefer exploring new places then driving by yourself could be very exciting! Although it might consume more energy since it's a long drive of approximately 2,000km via NH16 and N181, the time spent on road itself is what many would consider a fun adventure. Plus, it takes you to view other various landscapes from Eastern to Southern India that most people don't normally get to see. Travel time usually ranges between 36-40 hours based on traffic conditions.

4.From Bangalore to Ooty

By Air: Travelling all the way to CJB Airport in Coimbatore for those who depart from Bangalore is another option. There are direct flights available so there's no need to worry about layovers. Once arrived at Coimbatore, as usual, there will be taxis or busses ready outside the airport for you to go directly heading over to Ooty.

By Train: Connecting Bangalore to Coimbatore are various train rides like the Yesvantpur - Coimbatore Express and the KSR Bengaluru - Coimbatore Intercity Express. The trip from Bangaloreto Coimbatore by train alone takes anywhere between 7-9 hours however those who plan on continuing their journey to Ooty can take a taxi or bus.

By Road: To get from Bangalore to Ooty by road it takes about 270 kilometers via NH275 and NH181. The trip is about 6-8 hours long which makes it one of the quickest routes for someone looking to visit the Queen of Hill Stations, especially if they're going by car or bus.

In Conclusion

Ooty gives travelers a peaceful retreat away from crowded city life because of its natural beauty and pleasant climate. Whether you're traveling here from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or even Bangalore, getting here is an adventure all on its own with different forms of transportation that connect you with your destination based on your travel preferences. Once you step foot in Ooty, you'll quickly realize why so many people love this place as it gives off a relaxing vibe filled with lots of exploration opportunities amidst the Nilgiri Mountains.